Five sites for jumpstarting your public space idea

Five sites for jumpstarting your public space idea

The Our Miami Public Space Challenge is on, and we’re asking for your best ideas for improving and creating public spaces.  You’re ready … you’re set … but where do you go – with your creative energy, that is?

As a community, we often don’t realize just how much we can do to improve the shared spaces that surround us.  Sidewalks, playgrounds, plazas, parks, streets — these are just a few examples of the spaces that, with just a bit of creativity and inspiration, can be transformed into vibrant and attractive public places.  We want to help you get those ideas churning.

Here is a short list of websites and online guides that will jumpstart the creative public space-maker in you. Keep in mind that any idea can be tweaked so that it truly relates to your surrounding community.

  • Pop-Up City focuses on innovative, temporary and adaptative city-related ideas. Be sure to check out these sections:  Architecture, Urbanism, Interventions, Technology, Design and Green.
  • Tactical Urbanism 2 provides a free, downloadable guidebook to citizen-led ideas and actions for making safer and more enjoyable places in your community.
  • Good is City Forward offers lots of good ideas, but this link is specifically about a recent public space transformation contest that awarded the best ideas on how to improve public spaces.
  • Project for Public Spaces (PPS) curates lots of public space resources. This link will take you to their series, Transformative Placemaking, which is a primer on everything you ever wanted to know about public spaces and making them awesome.

Find more ideas by following more placemaking folks on Twitter – we’ve made a list for you.

After checking out these sites, you might experience inspiration-overload. Remember, you can submit an unlimited number of ideas for your community.  If you have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page.  When you’re ready, visit the Our Miami Public Space Challenge idea submission page.  The Challenge is open through April 8th.

Happy placemaking!

Marta Viciedo is a founding partner at Urban Impact Lab and a 2013 Public Space Challenge winner